Faux Brick

Tuscan Brick Wall Breakouts By New Painter

Got an email from a faux brick video client… Hi Debra I did paint bricks in our Tuscan kitchen. I had already textured the walls by mixing paint with plaster some time ago, and slapping it on the wall every which way. I don’t like the highlights in my bricks, they are too defined. I can’t get […]

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Faux Brick With Broken Plaster Wine Celler

Debra, I’m a full service decorator. I’ve done texturing, painting, decorating, and sewing for years. My husband and friends kept telling me I needed to start my own business throughout those years too. So I did and have been busy from day one! This picture  is a room that I did for a client with […]

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Paint Faux Brick Walls

Hi Debra, I want to thank you for your tutorial on faux brick walls. It came out awesome. People actually think it is a brick wall until you get up close. I finished the space with a counter for my PC. It’s now a unique workstation.

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Paint Fake Brick Wall

First time visitors to my home are taken aback by the transformation I have made to the walls. Right in the entry area are entire walls of brick. These are note the stick on brick… nor did I pay someone to install a brick wall. No.. I painted them and they look like real old […]

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Faux Brick Stencil Kit | Templates For Outdoor Walkway Paint

Here is another one of those questions about the  faux brick painting video. If you are interested in seeing the sales page. check it here: Faux Brick With Templates Here is the question I received from a new customer: Debra-I am ready to commit to faux-bricking my patio. For doing a patio it seems you […]

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