Rustic Style Home Office With Faux Brick

by THAT Painter Lady

Have you ever wanted a warm – rustic style home office and didn’t know quite how to achieve it? Is it a Tuscan, Mediterranean, Spanish or just old and rustic look you are after?

Dolores just knew she wanted to try painting the faux brick look on a wall. Then she got so “addicted” to the process… she completed an entire room. It looks amazing!

Hi Debra,

I just had to show you my wall! And So thank you! Your DVD on faux bricks has been so much fun and very helpful too. So what do you think? This is my first wall and I can’t wait to try another one!!

Thank you,


Painted Fake Plaster Wall

The rustic plaster look Dolores used is taught in the faux brick video set.

faux wood doors

You can see that Dolores started painting the bricks on a second wall… and she used the faux wood graining technique to change her white doors into rustic wood doors.

Hello Debra,
Your tips are great! Thank you very much! Here are pictures of what I’ve done so far.
As you can see I am still working on the full brick wall. I think it is turning out quit well.
Thanks again,


how to paint faux bricks

Dolores finished the full wall of bricks.

Mexican Style Decorating

One of the big “tricks” I used in my faux painting business was to add something unexpected. Something that would make the viewer look twice before realizing that the object wasn’t real. This little “extra” was what set me apart from the competition.

Dolores has added an extra to her room in a very cute and unusual way…

paint a mouse on wall

Dolores – I’m so proud of your accomplishment! You have taken a simple idea of painting faux brick and used it to create a comfy rustic style home office for yourself. Thank you so much for sharing.

Faux Painting Brick

Simple ideas that change your entire room personality.

Include this fun project in your Ranch Style Home Remodel.

Click Here Paint Faux Brick Video

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