Painting Techniques Faux Block

by THAT Painter Lady

Now you can use all that Faux Brick Painting Knowledge

And Paint Faux Block!

Faux Block? Is that something that is glued on the wall? What kind of texture stuff would be needed to paint a faux block wall? How in the world would you create a faux block wall out of a flat – lifeless – boring white wall?

arched-block-doorwaySimple – if you already have the Beginner Guide to Professional Faux Finishes – Faux Brick.

This easy step-by-step tutorial about faux painting a brick wall will guide you from start to finish…down to the tiny brush strokes… so you get beautiful results and fantastic “they look so real” faux bricks.

And that isn’t all…

Make just a few simple changes to the faux brick instructions and you will be on your way to painting large masterful faux blocks.

Student Requests Faux Block Information

I have a student who requested instructions and helpful hints on how to change what she knew about painting bricks into something chunkier and heftier but with a lighter color.

She was impressed with the photo of a block fence with a beautiful block arch. I shot this picture on a trip to Atlanta, Georgia. You can view the photo on the front cover of this special report and it is also featured on page 25 of the Faux Brick e-Book.

So for Susie and all you faux brick painters…

Let’s Go Paint Block!

Free Bonus Reports included with the Faux Brick e-book and video course.

When you purchase the Beginner Guide – Faux Bricks you are rewarded with two special FREE Bonuses –

faux-block-windowBonus 1 You will instantly have access to my custom Faux Block Painting Technique instructions in this Free Report.

Step by step photos and instructions show you how to paint blocks by adjusting the techniques taught in the Faux Brick eCourse.

Imagine adding this faux block technique to your decorative painting album. Once you have mastered the painted faux block technique you can also add 3-D dimension with all the shadow and highlight techniques taught in this 15 page report. FREE

painting-grapesBonus 2- Immediate Download.

Free Report with over 20 step-by-step photos, templates and techniques. Now You Can Paint Gorgeous Grape Clusters on your Faux Painted walls.

Find out the secret inexpensive tool this professional painter uses to create beautiful glowing grape clusters on faux painted walls. Also …you’ll see these amazingly easy to paint grapes come to life with shadows and highlights. FREE

And… also get another free bonus with purchase that is a Secret! Plus… all my students get first peek at all new products introduced… and if any special prices or coupons for products are available, you would get first pick as well.

All this is available now… and it’s at a special price! So what are you waiting for???? Go check it out now… Faux Brick Package.

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