Painting Faux Brick with Highlights and Shadow Techniques

by THAT Painter Lady

I am always amazed at the input I get from my students. What a breath of fresh air to see a non-professional artist use the faux brick video and come up with original ideas.  Here is another testimonial from a fan… I think I am a fan of his as well.

Debra ‘THATPainter Lady’

I suppose first thanks are to Google for leading me to your site. 

Faux Block WallMy first ‘faux’ wall was no longer in the correct color scheme after a decade of settling into the house and changes made or in progress in our kitchen. 

I did a lot of ‘technique’ painting around the house from rag to sponge but the old block style wall was my first. 

I don’t recall any instructions and used paint on hand with lots of masking tape for grout line layout. 

So…when time came under pressure from spouse to get rid of that blue wall I needed some help.  Your web site was great and the $25 price for some e-books and the video (in my case the real selling point!) hit the spot. 

My wife was out of town and late Friday evening I found and purchased your kit.  Saturday I prepped the wall with a cover coat to doodle on (LOVE the waterclor pencil tip) and got my supplies (including your neat pallette plate holder). 

Faux Brick ArchBy Sunday I had about what you see done.  Still in progress due to some office work which got in the way but will send you some final shots of the overall project.  I must say that I rarely go for a small test project and the nearly 300 brick pieces are taking a lot of patience! 

I am slightly suspicious of your advice on the uniformity of shadow highlighting for all the bricks.  You can see our window is on the right side.  While not a true trained artist (sorry, an engineer), my gut feel is that a point source of light would actually hit the bricks at different angles and actually have a gradient shadow.  So some bricks would have white highlighting on the top and right side if more in the center of the wall.  Those on top would be more on the right side and the bottom.  And in the truest sense, those right at the base of the wall closest to the window but directly below it might not have any (or very dim) because of the shadow the wall would create.  I will probably use your advice but would be interested in your opinion.  Still one more brick course to complete with grouting!

Your product was and is the perfect kickstart for this project.  I have run to the computer several times for ‘refresher’ training.  Your presentation and delivery is nice and even, very calming.  Also like your e-book but honestly the video turned out to be the star.  

  Until I finish, thanks a million!!  Bryan

 Bryan… What an amazing job you are doing!  Love the faux brick arch in the middle of the wall.  What a great architechtural element to add to the room.  Such talent.

I agree with you 100% about the highlighting and shadowing.  It is an art to create the correct shadowing on each brick.  This is truly an advanced idea to have each row of bricks highlighted and shadowed slightly different.  It is beyond the scope of teaching to beginner students. If basic highlight and shadow techniques can be accomplished by the beginner student… they will feel empowered to go on to more advanced techniques.

You have looked at the technique and expanded it in your mind to see the tiny flaw that shadowing a brick the same at any height, would be incorrect if looked at with a sharp eye.  I think you should take your shadows and highlights to the next level, you seem to be comfortable with the idea.  Good Luck!

Debra   THAT Painter Lady

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