Painting Fake Brick | Beginner Challenges Fake Brick Wall

by THAT Painter Lady

Extreme Makeover Brick Wall FinishedPainted Brick Wall So Real, You Have To Touch It To Believe It Is Only Paint!

Becky tries her hand painting a fake brick wall for her son… using the Faux Brick Video.

Fake Brick Vidoe

Many thanks, Debra–I am now my son’s hero (and I even found some black & white New York prints on sale at Garden Ridge before I left, to complete his “New York loft” look!). (Oh, and I haven’t tried the grapes yet–the brick wall was a multi- day affair and my son lives a couple of hours away. But thanks for the info, and I hope to use it sometime). Becky

Congratulations Becky! Your Faux Brick Painting looks great! The knee pads are often a necessary tool to add to your tool kit. I have a set as well. Got the idea from a tile setter… he is always on his knees. What a life saver!

Extreme Makeover Brick Wall


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gardening gifts April 23, 2010 at 5:25 am

Oh wow, that looks fantastic! You often see bare brick walls in contemporary apartments but now I know you could always just paint them in if you wanted to! I’m tempted to give this a go now!

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