Painting An Existing Interior Brick Wall

by THAT Painter Lady

I have an addition with one wall being the original “exterior” brick.

The previous owners painted it a very drab shade of grey.

I’m looking for creative ideas to let that wall accent the room.

Also, I understand there are some things to watch out for as I repaint this wall, regarding drips and such.

One idea my wife has is to use a paint from Home Depot called “River Rock” in a red brick color, and try to just paint the surface, leaving the existing grey to represent the grout.

Don’t know if we can pull that off.

Any help from anyone on this will be appreciated.

I went ahead and called Ralph Lauren Paints and asked them about their River Rock paint and if  it would be ok to use on brick. They said yes, but only if the existing brick was painted with water based paint and not oil.

If it was painted with oil, then you will need to prime it first.

If it was painted with latex, then you are good to go with the River Rock. I would use a mini roller and roll the paint onto the brick faces as opposed to dry brushing. A brush may leave brush strokes.

Be sure to read the instructions on the container as well.


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