Painted Patio Designs

by THAT Painter Lady

Another happy camper! Sharyn purchased the faux brick video and turned an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan… by using faux brick to create a Painted Patio Designs.

here is what she sent me:

I am attaching two pictures. The first one is to let you know what I wanted to cover. You know, the ugly meters for your electricity and stuff. The second picture is a box that I had my husband build so I could paint it and sorta make it blend with the brick of my house. It is not completed as you can see. The round part that surrounds the meter I was just going to paint a solid color but my husband talked me into painting it like the brick which I am in the process of doing. Also, the sides and top are not finished.

Please feel free to critique my work. I know it probably could use some more shading. Constructive criticism is always welcome in my house. Thank you. Sharyn.

Faux Brick Patio Before Picture

Faux Brick Patio After Pictures

The only thing I would suggest…. age the bricks so they look the same “age” as your house. You might do this with a brown glaze. Otherwise it looks fantastic!

Good job… I love painted patio designs.

Also… you might like to see this:

    Video How To Paint The Tuscan Look

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How Draw June 2, 2008 at 2:00 pm

I didn’t think about that, using faux painting to cover outside “blemishes” on a house. I have my water heater outside and it is covered up by a large very ugly plywood box. I think I will replace the plywood with newer plywood and paint it to match the wood siding of my house. Great idea!

Better than getting a metal one too as that would be just as ugly and you wouldnt be able to paint it!

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