Paint Fake Brick Wall

by THAT Painter Lady

Fake Brick BreakoutFirst time visitors to my home are taken aback by the transformation I have made to the walls. Right in the entry area are entire walls of brick. These are note the stick on brick… nor did I pay someone to install a brick wall.

No.. I painted them and they look like real old Chicago style brick… but is just created it with paint. I learned how to paint fake brick walls... and then (because it was such a resounding success) I now teach how to paint faux brick walls…

It’s funny how everyone is so amazed that the walls are just plain flat walls. I love it… because I know that I can just paint over them when I want to change the look and feel of this room. I don’t have to chip off any fake bricks or strip any wallpaper. Yuck.

And… it’s cheaper than any of those alternatives. I have to tell you that I am a cheap date. :o)

I admit that an entire wall of fake brick takes time... but it’s kind of therapeutic. After I got all the bricks drawn on to the wall… It was like fill in the blank coloring book style.

And the color is really cool. Yes… you can paint the walls a brick red and make a huge difference in your rooms character. But… if it looks like you have real chunky old bricks… it’s memorable!

Some rooms just can’t handle all that texture… but, some areas are just screaming for a new look.

Check out these pictures:

Large Wall Fake Painted Brick

Yes… one house is more Spanish or Tuscan in style… and the other house is more country. But both are fake brick just painted on plain old vanilla walls.

Want to know more???

I uploaded a portion of the video tutorial to Google Video and now I can display it on this website.

It’s cool to listen to a bit of my voice and see how close up the video is to the actual painting surface as I teach. I really do take you step by step through the entire process of learning how to paint fake brick on your walls.

Paint Fake Brick Wall – It’s easy when you have someone show you just how it’s done!

<– Click on the Picture and see just how you can create fake brick walls in your home… It’s like a weekend project that’s fun and really does change the entire look of your room.

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