How To Paint Faux Brick in My Bathroom

by THAT Painter Lady

Painting Fake Brick in a Powder or Bathroom.

How do I Paint Faux Brick in my Bathroom?

Question from a reader:

I'm sureI 'll be happy to have found your program when I start going on it.

My faux brick plan is for my small powder room.

My husband is a firefighter but he would rather not have a fire fighting theme throughout the house. So, he's chosen the powder room – haha!

Anyway, since it's only got a toilet and pedestal sink,
I'm really hoping the brick finish will be a nice representation of a fire house wall. My only concern is the size of the room – really not big.

So, here's my thought … I'd like to know what you think …

First a visual of the powder room – if you're standing in the door, the toilet is to your left, the sink to your right and a window is directly in front of you. I was thinking of the faux brick wall on all four walls but perhaps only partially way up as if the brick wall was in the process of being taken down.

Then, perhaps I could finish the upper portions with a
plastered wall look, as if recently exposed. Does this make
sense? I was thinking of using the darker red brick but
given the size of the room, perhaps a lighter colour would
be best.

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What a cute bathroom idea.

Here is my suggestion: Put the rustic plaster finish on the bottom and
the brick at the top. One or two of the walls could be mostly plaster finish
with a few bricks. The other two walls could be about half and half brick and plaster, boken away.

The plaster finish is easier to do around the sink and toilet then the brick.

The breakaway plaster look is more "realistic" if the brick is at the top of the room and it appears the plaster is done "over" the top of the brick. A lighter brick would not look as "fireman" as the red brick.

Here is my thought on powder rooms.

They can be treated as little jewel boxes. No amount of mirrors or light colored paint is going to make them look or feel bigger. They are just small! 🙂 So using the more dramatic red will just take the room over the top with drama. Don't
skimp on the color. You are going to love the results… goodluck.

Oh and send pics.

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