How Do I Highlight Faux Bricks So The Look Real?

by THAT Painter Lady

question.jpg I just got this email with a very nice subject line… We would really like your advice. How nice. But it really is a call for help.

You see Jeri purchased the video set to help him learn the easy, pain free way to paint faux brick… and he is having several problems. And… he sent pictures, which I highly recommend if you need my help.

Here is the question:

Hi Deb,
Yes I’ve watched the video several times. I printed out the book and read it during my son’s orchestra practice. I’ve done a practice area in my boy’s basement bathroom. It didn’t turn out too well so I painted over it to try again. The 2nd try looks better than the first. I’m going to do another area in the bathroom for another trial so I can work out my problems. I’m having trouble putting the black shadow on thin enough. If it’s thin, it runs. If it’s thicker, it doesn’t look right.

Also, another mistake that I made (the first time) was to use the white highlight on too many areas before starting the aging. I think one brick at a time is probably what you meant, but I didn’t get that the first time I watched. So some of my white edge was too dry. I’m going to keep practicing until I get better at it.

Because…. what I’m doing is….I’ve stenciled grape vines, grapes and Bible verses (John 15:1 and 4) on the kitchen wall at our Christian school. It’s looking pretty nice. I was going to do the bricks around the sinks because the area is soooooo ugly. I think I’ll send you a picture of what I mean and you can suggest a form of brick treatment I should plan. I would love your ideas. Thanks, Jeri

Thanks for the great questions Jeri. I think it is amazing that you are so determined.

The key to the black shadow is two things:

  • The paint must be thinned and runny like ink.
  • You must dry your brush on a rag and then just tip the edge of the brush into the inky paint.
  • The key to the white highlights is … use the white sparingly. A tiny bit goes a long way. Many highlights won’t look natural.

    I am sending Jeri a personal email to answer his third question… brick placement in the kitchen.

    More about the Faux Brick Video can be found here: Painting Realistic Bricks

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