Faux Painting To Get The Look Of Concrete

by THAT Painter Lady

How Do I Get The Look Of Concrete?
Hi Debra,

Got your faux brick paintng info and have drawn in all my bricks (not painted yet). My vision is for my 14 year old “skate boarder” son and I am faux bricking in two whole walls and the other two walls I had wanted to look like plain concrete. Any advice on the concrete look? I wanted a light grey (not
to be the same as my grout), but I know that concrete has tiny lines from smoothing it out. How can I get this look?



Hi Angie,

What a cool idea for a teenage boy who loves to skate board! You go girl!

I’m not sure exactly what you mean about “tiny lines” in the concrete. I know you said lines that come from smoothing it out… so I’ll take a

First. The grey wall should not be a solid grey. It needs to be mottled or aged a bit to look like real concrete. You could do a slight aging or
go all the way and give it a real underground tunnel aging with water drips etc.

You might even let your son “tag” the wall with spray paint. As long as he promises to never do it anywhere else. 🙂

For lines… you need to paint on lines. Now I know that sounds simplified… but sometimes I like to be very clear.

Tiny lines require a tiny paint brush and watered down paint. You would take the grey color of the wall and add some black to make a darker shadow color. The tool is a paint brush called a liner brush. It has hair that is about an inch long and you use it like a wand not a pen. What I mean is you must hold the brush vertical and very loosely allow the brush to drag down the wall in angle while wiggling it slightly.

It is very hard to teach this technique with just words. But… I tried.

Let me know if I can answer anything else for you. Good Luck!



As for the tagging, we already agreed to do that! He can’t wait.

As for the concrete look, when they smooth the concrete, sometimes you can see almost brush lines. If I did this with one brush it might take forever, it is a solid wall! I was thinking that if I take your advice with adding dark to the paint and watering it down I could get like a wallpaper glue brush (long/wide) and go straight down the walls it might look like the faint lines in smoothed concrete? What do you think?

Thanks again,


Perfect idea. This should add some interest to the wall.

But don’t get too freaked out about making it perfect. After he does the tagging, that will be the real eye catcher. The faint lines will just add the right amount of texture.

Give it a try and let me know how it works.

Love to see pictures!



Angie Sent Pictures!

Finally finished my son’s room! I had a huge project on my hands…two whole walls of bricks!! Now I know why you do “knock outs”! Well, after many hours, it turned out fantastic and everyone can’t believe how 3 dimensional it looks! The other walls are supposed to be concrete, and I am going to graffiti that as soon as I hang everything on the walls then graffiti around them.

Thanks again!


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Renee March 3, 2009 at 12:22 pm

Hey Angie –

Awesome work…very very nice. Would u be willing to share exactly how you did the concrete looking wall (thinking of doing one in my son’s room). What color/kind of paint ? Special technique/brushes, etc…??? Thank you.

Mary Jane Leon March 19, 2009 at 5:00 pm

So cool! Do you think I could do this to a concrete garage/turned office floor?


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