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by THAT Painter Lady

Use Masking Tape Faux Brick QuestionHi Debra,

I’ve watched your faux brick video twice – I love how you make the bricks look very real. I am actually in the process of doing a huge wall of brick in my own home – studio – I want to make look like a retro-NYC studio aparment. I am going to take (before and after) pictures and will send them to you.

I have a quick question, if you are doing a large wall, is there a way that you could set up taping, so you can actually mask off the bricks – to go a little quicker, or do you recommend doing the bricks one-by-one? I will eventually be doing something like this for clients and would like to know the most effective way, yet have it look real. I would like to know your thoughts on this. Thank you!! Lisa

Here is my answer:

Hi Lisa…

I know we all are looking for shortcuts, especially when we are doing
this type of project for clients. Time is money… 🙂

The reason I don’t use tape is that it creates to many bricks that all
look the same. That said…

I have a few suggestions.

Tape: If you are going to use tape over your drawn lines… I have used
the blue tape and instead of using it with the straight edges of the
tape I have torn the tape in half – the long way. This creates a nice
jagged edge and each brick will have a different look.
But… it takes so much time to tape off that I found the one brick at a
time just as easy.

Another great idea is to use a brick stencil. One with a bunch of bricks
already spaced out on the sheet. I have all my suggestions for this
technique on this site:

Faux Brick With Stencil

I hope this is helpful,


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