Faux Brick With Broken Plaster Wine Celler

by THAT Painter Lady


I’m a full service decorator.

I’ve done texturing, painting, decorating, and sewing for years.

My husband and friends kept telling me I needed to start my own
business throughout those years too. So I did and have been busy
from day one!

This picture  is a room that I did for a client with faux brick breakouts.

faux-brick-wine-cellerAnd also I am sending a picture of  my Wine Cellar. It might look a little odd angle, but I wanted to get all the faux bricks in it. I did the texturing and the faux finish too.

Since then I have done other projects for her and many more.

Wanted to share this with you,

Barbie Leavell, owner
office/fax (972) 347-9513
cell (405) 627-0745

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