Faux Brick Wall | Restoring Painted Brick to Look Like Brick

by THAT Painter Lady

Have you ever thought of painting a Faux Brick Wall on Brick? Do you have brick in your home that has been painted? All too often this is the solution used by homeowners to “freshen up” worn red brick. Maybe the design of the room called for something other than worn red brick.

The easy solution was to paint the brick…mortar included.

While each home and homeowner is different…and we all have our good ideas, how can learn to paint the brick back to original? How about painting the brick with a faux finish to resemble brick? It really is much easier than trying to strip all that old paint.

Question from subscriber:

The following is an email with just that question and my solution to the problem…including a link to some free information.

Hi Debra,

I have four real brick pillars on our house – 2 are four-sided supports for the entryway porch and 2 are one-sided at either side of the garage.

All this brick was painted white (horror of horrors) when the house was built 13 years ago – I would like to restore the brick to a natural brick appearance — I have not been able to find a local painter who does this special work and am wondering if your instructional materials would applicable to this particular project.

I do not want a single color brick so there would obviously be some artistic skills required to replicate the multi-color design (with natural variations) from brick to brick – Can you help me?? Any advice/suggestions??

My Answer:

I have faced this problem many times. Imagine being paid to paint a brick wall back to looking like bricks after someone covered them with paint. The fact that the grout is usually painted as well makes painting in the faux brick wall back to original looking brick and mortar… a challenge.

The techniques taught in the Faux Brick Wall Video and eBook for mixing colors and painting in “bricks” one brick at a time… are very useful. They are the techniques I use to faux bricks for clients.

The trick is to paint the grout first. You can be as messy with the grout color over the bricks as you want. Just get the grout color in to every nook and cranny before you start painting the bricks. This will make your life so much easier.

Then just worry about painting the face of each brick. One at atime…so you will get the variations.

Thanks for the question.

Want to see the process in step by step photos?

Faux Brick Wall FireplaceHere is a link to photos and actual step by step of repainting brick to look like brick. Check out the inventive way they painted in the grout using real mortar!

Click on each of their photos to see all the details up close!

Faux Brick on Brick Finish

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