Faux Brick Wall Made Easy

by THAT Painter Lady

Hey Debra,

Wow!!! Love your faux brick instructions program!

You made painting bricks sooo very easy! Your simple step by step instructions allowed me to paint my faux brick wall without flipping out that I was going to have to repaint it back!

My husband works in New York, but we live in Michigan…I purchased your program without telling him and choose a wall in the house that I could repaint in case he thought I was crazy (not the painting part just the brick part).

I am attaching the pictures I sent to him and he LOVED IT! He could not believe they were not real! A friend stopped by and she could not believe that I just whipped that out in two hours and she could not believe how real they looked.

Now I can finish the lower part of that wall and move down the rest of the hall to the kitchen. We have four great columns in there and I can wait to do the breakouts on the beams.

Thank you for sharing your talent and wisdom with everyone! My italian theme will be complete because of you! I will send pictures of the actual finished kitchen when I complete it but attached is the sample I sent my husband. I will share the credit with you and your instructions!

Sincerely, April The Brick Painter 🙂


You sure are “The Brick Painter”! Wow! Awesome job! The bricks look exactly the way they are supposed to look. Great job on the highlighting and shadows too!

I am so glad you were able to learn from the video. You may just want to do this professionally! 🙂

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Faux Brick Panels April 21, 2009 at 9:10 pm

Amazing job April! Great depth and texture… I honestly thought they were faux brick panels when I first saw the picture. Two thumbs up! Looking forward to seeing pictures of your finished kitchen.

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