Faux Brick Wall In Teens Room

by THAT Painter Lady

Hi Debra,

I am real excited about started my faux brick wall in my teens room!

My question to you is about what color suggestion you might have for me.

I went ahead and did my daughters room in a deep purple (her fav) and sparing one wall a lighter shade to surprise her with an “urban look” brick wall.

This color would allow me to see my brick template drawn, but I am stuck on what colors for bricks to use as well as my outlines for the faux exposed breakaway?

I thought shades of browns to complement the purples but what shades?, and then how do you suggest doing a BIG breakaway as you show a small version in your demo with a piece of newspaper.
Thank you for a great project and your suggestions


Hey Suzanne,

How much fun is this! You are such a cool mom!

First… the breakaway. I used one sheet of newspaper in the video… but nothing is stopping you from taping together several sheets to create a large breakout. Pretty simple huh?

Let’s see if I can help with the color choices.

3 walls are deep purple (I’ll bet it’s the color of eggplant?)

The 4th wall will have a faux finish with several big brick break outs?

This wall would look really good with the browns and taupes for the faux finish. I would keep it pretty deep in tone so it doesn’t compete with the deep tone of the purple walls.

If the purple has a reddish cast like eggplant… then stick with red bricks.

If the purple is like a midnight sky… more blue… then maybe you will want to add a bit of taupe/sage green bricks instead of red???

Did I answer all your questions… I hope so.

Let me know if I can help in anyway.


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