Faux Brick Technique Works!

by THAT Painter Lady

It’s a happy day when a happy customer writes… the Faux Brick Technique works! Now imagine me doing the happy dance… I love it!

Here’s the letter and her before and after pictures…. she learned that trying to do it herself just wasn’t working out… she need a bit of faux painting coaching!

Hi Debra,

I tried your

    faux brick painting

technique and it worked wonderfully! Thank you!

Thank you for your great tutorials! I did the brick breakout and it came out really well.

Here’s a picture attached.

Sincerely, Barbara


Wow, Barbara… your bricks look great.

I am so happy when I see that someone can take my information and really learn how do something they can be proud of. Very cool!

Faux Brick Technique Gone Wrong

Faux Brick Technique Done Right

Faux Brick Technique

Faux Brick Technique

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