Faux Brick Stencil – Use a Template Instead

by THAT Painter Lady

Are you looking for ideas, tips and techniques for painting faux bricks?  Do you think that a faux brick finish would be easier to accomplish with a stencil?  Learning to paint a brick wall mural with faux brick stencils can make the job easier or a nightmare.

Compare for yourself before you make the choice.

When you're going to be painting a large run of bricks—stencils can be useful to keep your brick spacing even. Bricks come in all sizes, but with stencils the brick size is not up to you. If a brick fireplace is built with 9" x 4" and you want to add some brick accents to the same room, you should use the same size brick for your painting template. Generally, the stencil brick sizes are 8" x2 1/4 " or 6" x 2 1/2".

Faux Brick StencilMany mural painters and designers like to use a stencil for their faux brick designs. Purchased stencils are not of "one" brick, they are a pattern of many bricks. Brick stencils are consistently the same size and offer various patterns. The disadvantages of using a stencil:

  • Brick size can't be altered
  • Brick pattern can't be altered
  • It is difficult to use stencils in corners
  • Designing an arched opening with stencils is nearly impossible
  • Using a stencil to frame a window or door opening is tough to accomplish

If these brick stencils are not the right size for your needs, you might find it easier to make your own "One Brick Stencil". This can be done easily by using a piece of plastic like a report cover with the insert cutout the same size as the brick template I have included in this package.

This will give you a brick size opening that you would use to base coat your bricks onto the wall. Stencil them in with a roller and paint to make it a quick job. This stencil is also useful for masking off single brick areas when you are using a sponge to texture the brick. I think it's a little awkward to hold a plastic template and try to paint, and I don't like using tape around any newly painted areas. Tape tends to pull off fresh paint. What a shame to risk ruining your painting when everything was so perfect. Hmmmm.


Excerpt from –

The Beginners Guide to Professional Finishes: Faux Bricks

THAT Painter Lady – Debra Conrad

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