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by THAT Painter Lady

For all of you that are hesitant about asking for help with faux brick finish in a house… this letter exchange should give you encouragement. Cindy, who purchased my brick painting video wanted some helpful advise, as she was at the end of her rope and couldn’t figure out what to do next. Read on to see how I helped her through her faux brick problem.

Remember, I can help you as well… all you have to do is ask!

Hi Debra,
I used your video and painted a few bricks in my bathroom. I am not sure how I like them yet. Of course they stick out like a sore thumb because it is just about the only thing on my new walls….I am surprised that my husband allowed me to do it.
I went a bit too red and because my walls have no texture, the bricks I painted have some texture and I am not too sure how I get it back off again and start all over. I will send you photos of my first brick job so that you can help me along and give me some of your good advice.
Thanks so much for checking in with me. Cindy

Hi Cindy…If you send photos…It would be so helpful. I
can help you fix just about anything.

That’s kind of my motto…”If you make a mistake…I can help you clean it up.” It’s just paint. Well in your case…maybe more?
Let me know how I can help Debra

Attached are some pictures of what I did…I am hoping you are really going to come up with a great idea that I will be able to do without you being here. Thanks for the one-on-one help! Ought too make for a good business.



Hi Cindy… I have printed off your photos.

1. Your room looks as if it is
light and traditional. Are you planning to “faux paint”
the walls? I can see a tiny bit of rustic style (faux
painting) around the brick… but all your walls need to
look a bit older. Your room looks too newish for the brick
as it stands.

2. The breakout looks a little like a basket
ball instead of broken plaster. The first photo shows how
I would add too this.

3.What did you use for the texture?
It looks good…but if it’s joint compound you and just
sand it off the wall.

4 The color is bright… yep. But
instead of trying another color, go over it with browns and
whites (watered down) this will tone down the red and add
more texture.

5 The white highlight on the bricks is good!
I would go back and add a little more white on each brick
with the thinned out white not full strength. This will
give the brick a little more shape.

6. The black brick shadow is also too thin. Go bold with the black, it is what gives a 3-D look to the brick.

7. The 2 Black Broken pieces should be brown.

8. Add more black shadow on the edge
of breakout.

9. Add more white Highlight on edge of

10. Cracks larger!

Go bold Cindy…be brave. What you have done so far is great. You can’t imagine how many people won’t ever try this technique for fear of failure. And as you can see by now…it isn’t hard. Just a little hand holding is needed. Debra

Debra, Thank you for your help.
WOW!!! You caught every mistake a person could have made. As for the walls looking older, that is my problem….I don’t know how to do
that…I have gone through your directions and your tape and I couldn’t make it happen, I sponged the wall all around the break-out and it looked awful so I painted it back to the original color before my husband came home and had a cow.
I don’t know if I am using the wrong types of paint or the wrong umber glaze or what but they certainly didn’t look old, they just looked like sponge painted walls. And I loved the sort of taupe colored break out that you had in your sample photo.
As for the texture on the brick, all I used was paint and I guess that gave it some of the textured look. My walls are flat, which is supposed to be the in thing but to me they are boring.
Thanks again for your help. You are such a sweetie!

These are the photos I sent back to Cindy with my suggested corrections. I didn’t get back pictures of the finished product, but I am guessing it turned out perfect.



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