Faux Brick Colors Of Paint

by THAT Painter Lady

Faux Brick Paint Colors.jpgI’m almost ready to paint bricks but I don’t know which colors to get the terra cotta and the red brick do not look red or bright enough like the booklet or video shows what do you suggest? Katie

Hi Katie,

The two main colors in the Faux Brick Video Instructions are Terra Cotta (which is a burnt orange color) and Red Brick ( which is a… err… aah… red brick color) 😉

In the lessons I don’t give out specific color names and manufacturers… because they change the names often, and the lessons would then be out of date.

So… my suggestion is… drum roll please…. if you take colors from nature you will always be on track with faux brick painting. Sounds like a dumb suggestion, but it works every time.

Now get to the store.

The Brick Red Color
: Choose a color that looks like a tomato or a red hot chili pepper. This will be a color just off Christmas red.

The Brick Orange Color : Choose a color that looks like a terra cotta pot from the plant department.

If your at Home Depot or Lowe’s pick up a few paint chips and head out to the garden shop. By placing the color chips right next to the objects you can tell if you have a close enough color. Remember this is not rocket science… you just have to be close. The brick aging color wash you do in the faux brick painting process will knock back these colors to an acceptable brick coloration.

Also… It is good to note that you have realized that the colors you choose for the brick paint need to be brighter than what you will want the brick to look like when you are finished. The reason why? Because… one of the final steps in the brick painting is aging the bricks.

So the brighter color allows you to age over the original color and knock it back… without causing them to loose their red and burnt orange colorations.

Good Luck… and send pictures!

THAT Painter Lady

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gardening gifts April 23, 2010 at 5:24 am

This is a great skill. I’ve seen some incredible painting work done over bricks by an artist guy who lives on my road. I don’t think I’m quite brave enough to try it myself though. You don’t see many articles about it though, unless I’m just not looking hard enough! Thanks That Painter Lady for posting

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