Faux Brick Breakouts With Secret Stencil

by THAT Painter Lady

Hi Debra!

I am absolutely LOVING your video. My kitchen is turning out so beautiful. just like in your video. I’m amazed!

I do have a question about faux brick breakouts. I noticed in the video that you painted a dark brown? On the break out and only in a couple of small places.

Since my kitchen is so big I’m doing alot of brick breakouts. Some are quite big and my question is, how do I decide what part (if any) to paint that shadow into.

Everything else made sense but not that one.

In the video your double stencil of the newspaper doesn’t show up really well and so i’m having a hard time understanding why you only picked those 2 little places.

I understand that it is to look into the depth of the plaster…but why only those 2 little places?

Should I not paint the whole edge? And if not, how do i determine what to make stand out?

I appreciate all of your help!


Hey Kat…

I am so glad you are having fun with the video!

The breakouts can be of any size of course… but the part your talking about must be adjusted for the size.

In the video the breakouts are fairly small… so the “visible broken edges” are just as small in relationship.

If your doing a large breakout… then make “almost” one entire side of the breakout “visible”… leaving maybe just a few small spots on that one side without the “thicker broken edge” showing.

I do hope this helps… let me know how it goes.


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