Faux Block Painting Technique

by THAT Painter Lady

You are just not going to believe this! I am just glowing with pride. Someone ( a very nice someone named Felicia) has taken the Faux Brick Video and turned it on it’s head. She has used the Faux Block Painting Technique from the Faux Brick Video and used it to compliment the faux block she already has in her room.

The problem with calling the video “Faux Brick” is that most viewers don’t get the idea that brick doesn’t have to be red… and the brick can be Block instead.

Everything you see here in these pictures is taught in the faux brick technique video… she just used her imagination and different paint colors to create this amazing room.

Even the walls that are distressed is taught in the video. So with this one video… a bit of time and creativity, just look what she has accomplished…

Hi Debra,

I apologize for not touching base with you until now. My husband found your website when I told him what I wanted to do to our boring white walls.

He purchased your Faux Brick Painting class (video) for me as a surprise. I want to tell you how easy your class(video) was and am delighted to tell you how much I enjoyed this project.

I am enthused about continuing to change all of my white walls into beautiful works of art.

Attached are some photos of the work I have done since I studied your course on Faux Painting Brick. I finished these walls in August 2007 and December 2007. I still have quite a bit I want to finish and will send you photos when I complete the next projects.

I have received so many compliments and job offers each time someone new sees my walls. I am a retired graphic designer and am finally doing something for myself.

Thank you so much, Felicia

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