Exposed Faux Brick Wall – Gone Wrong

by THAT Painter Lady

Exposed Brick Walls in Kitchen/> I recently came across some photos of Exposed Faux Brick by a very talented Faux Painting artist. The breakout faux brick in these pictures show a few areas where the technique (IMHO) went wrong.

  • The breakouts are so small compaired to the area that the seem a little like chicken pocks spots instead of breakouts.
  • A few of the breakouts are too – round- not much like a realistic exposed plaster breakaway.
  • Several of the exposed brick areas are not – attatched- to an edge. They are just hanging out in mid-space. This may be something that happens in real plaster breakouts, but looks akward in most faux painted homes.
  • Exposed Brick requires shading and cracking to look three dimensional or 3D. Dark and light highlights and shadows are a natural occurance in plaster breakouts because of their depth. Learning how to do this isn’t hard, it just requires a little training.
  • The grout appears to be a light gray in color, which is okay, but may have looked older with a darker color grout.

The Faux Painted Finish is wonderful in this kitchen, a really good look. The artist even distressed the door to look old. Very Cool!

Completed Kitchen - breakaway brick 1

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