Easy Faux Brick Wall Painting

by THAT Painter Lady

faux_brick_arch_Having an accent wall of brick is a wonderful way to warm up any room.

If you don’t want to tear out drywall or hire an expensive mason to achieve this classic decor, faux brick wall painting is a great alternative.

Many people think that it is difficult to create this look, but it is possible to accomplish the look of faux brick painting without using texturing mediums or tape.

It is not necessary to use tape to create grout lines on your faux brick wall. In fact it will look more natural if you don’t. Real brick is not perfectly straight or even. If you use tape, the end result does not look as natural as it would if you did not.

Texturing mediums are great if you want the feel of brick, but can be messy and difficult to remove. Using only paint and simple highlighting and shadowing techniques, will give you the same look without the mess.

If you use texturing products and later wish to change the decor, it will be very difficult and time consuming. Paint alone will allow you to simply paint over the brick when you are ready for a change.

When buying paint, be sure to consider your color scheme.

Do you like the dark red brick, or are you attracted to the lighter colors? These are choices you should make before spending your cash on paint colors that aren’t going to make you happy.

Also, be sure to get a grout color that will compliment your overall brick color choices. You will want to invest in several shades so that you can achieve an authentic look.

Having the proper painting materials will save you time and frustration.

Invest in several good brushes of various sizes in order to complete different effects.

Purchasing a manual or video will help you to get different ideas and avoid the pitfalls of just fumbling through it.

Many instructors will also help you know how to correct any mistakes you make along the way.

Faux brick wall painting can be an exciting and fun adventure. If you follow simple guidelines and techniques, you can create the charming look of real brick in your own home.

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