Does Painting Brick Look Alright

by THAT Painter Lady

Thank you Deb!

I was wondering if painting over the brick, as apposed to plaster for a flat surface, would look alright. I really don’t want to plaster the surface. Have you ever seen it done that way?

Thank you for your expedient reply!


Yes, you can paint the brick instead of plastering. I took some steps from an article that we posted on  called “Painting over a White Brick Fireplace“.

Here are the steps you will need to follow:

1. Pick Colors. Do you want your grout & brick to be the same? If not, then you will need to base coat with your grout color.

2. Clean the brick thoroughly. Small amounts of soot are not a problem and can be sealed with a good primer. But if the fireplace is extra dirty with soot, then it will need to be cleaned with TSP. Washing the brick helps the primer to adhere better to the surface.

3. Prime – Use a good primer & sealer like Kilz, Bin, or Zinsser.

4. Base coat the surface with whatever color you want your grout to be. A satin or pearl finish would be your best choice.

If doing the bricks a different color:

5. Dry brush or roll on the color over your brick surface, making sure to not get it on the grout. You can get really creative and use a sea sponge and sponge on some other glaze colors to give the brick more depth.

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