Country Style Guestroom With Faux Brick Breakouts

by THAT Painter Lady

Linda sent in pictures of her faux brick breakouts – these look wonderful decorating her country style guest bedroom.

Hi Debra,

Here are my bricks. I am not quite finished with the rest of the room. I have a few breakouts around to finish. Thank you so much for the idea on the plaster. I love it! We just moved from Colorado to Iowa in January so, I have a lot of company. It is hard to finish in a reasonable amount of time when the room is always occupied.

Thank you so much for ALL your help!


Guestbedroom country style

Broken Plaster Brick Wall

Brick Wall Guest Bedroom

bloken plaster with brick

Paint Brick in Corner

Faux Painting Brick

Simple ideas that change your entire room personality.

Include this fun project in your Country Style Home Remodel.

Click Here Paint Faux Brick Video

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