Could I Do Faux Painting Technique Outside?

by THAT Painter Lady

Faux Painting Technique Outside

A question I often get from readers is – Can I use a faux painting technique outside? – The answer is Yes, if you protect the finish. I have never experienced a problem with paint fading or chipping if the proper preperation and preservation techinques are used.

Here is the latest question about Faux Painting outside and my response. Enjoy!

I haven’t started the project yet but I did finally show the video to my husband last night and he thought it was pretty cool.

Here’s a question for you …..We are planning to put a brick walkway in our front yard – up to the main landing at the door but would rather not add brick on top of the landing because of the extra height (which we do not want).

Could I do the faux painting technique outside as well on the main front step? I would like to landing to match the actual bricks we use and thought the faux brick painting would be an idea!

I’m really excited about getting started – I’ll keep you posted!

Thanks again,

The proper prepration for any technique requires a clean surface ie: no dirt, grease or other deposits. Cleaning with a good scrub brush and TSP – then rinsing with clear water and letting the surface dry for 24 hours is a must on outdoor surfaces. Even metal shed walls can be painted if all paint oxidation is removed.

Sealing with a good UV rated sealer is best. I used floor was once, trying to save a few nickles and it yellowed within months. Not a good plan. So get to the hardware store and find a quaility sealer.

The question of painting a walkway or landing with faux brick finish techniques is questionable. If you will clean as stated above and seal with several coats of quality sealer it should last a good while. You must also plan to seal this delicate surface often… every 6 months is best practice. Just get out a throw away brush and paint on the sealer, don’t try this with a mop or sponge as they make bubbles in the sealer and leave it with a fragile texture.

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