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THAT Painter Lady!

Have a question about faux painting, faux painting bricks, one of my books or videos or just a painting question? I’m always happy to hear from people who visit my site and I will do my best to help you and answer your question quickly.

I do get a ton of questions… so I can’t promise I’ll answer as fast as you would like. I may not even be able to let you know know if I got your question, although I will sure try. I do have a life that includes lots of important things.

I don’t always answer questions by email… I usually address them on this site.

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Please Note: by submitting a question or comment to Debra Conrad you relinquish any rights of ownership of your question and agree that I can rephrase, reword, modify, correct or repurpose your material without limitation or constraint. Don’t worry, though, it’s just part of how I pick which questions to answer and rephrase questions to be as broadly applicable as possible…

debra (at) thatpainterlady (dot) com