Faux Brick Questions

Problem With The Faux Brick Shadowing

Debra: I’m having a problem with the faux brick shadowing. I’ve watched the video numerous times and understand. However, I don’t have textured walls and either I’m not using enough water and it turns out dark all the way around or I use too much and it dribbles. What brush do you use and how […]

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Faux Brick Breakouts With Secret Stencil

Hi Debra! I am absolutely LOVING your video. My kitchen is turning out so beautiful. just like in your video. I’m amazed! I do have a question about faux brick breakouts. I noticed in the video that you painted a dark brown? On the break out and only in a couple of small places. Since […]

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Painting An Existing Interior Brick Wall

I have an addition with one wall being the original “exterior” brick. The previous owners painted it a very drab shade of grey. I’m looking for creative ideas to let that wall accent the room. Also, I understand there are some things to watch out for as I repaint this wall, regarding drips and such. […]

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Faux Brick Wall In Teens Room

Hi Debra, I am real excited about started my faux brick wall in my teens room! My question to you is about what color suggestion you might have for me. I went ahead and did my daughters room in a deep purple (her fav) and sparing one wall a lighter shade to surprise her with […]

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Does Painting Brick Look Alright

Thank you Deb! I was wondering if painting over the brick, as apposed to plaster for a flat surface, would look alright. I really don’t want to plaster the surface. Have you ever seen it done that way? Thank you for your expedient reply! Lynda Yes, you can paint the brick instead of plastering. I […]

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