Faux Block

Faux Stone Painting Looks So Easy

This Faux Painter took some ideas and suggestions and created a whole new look to her hallways. She went from plain and boring to WOW – with just paint.   She makes this Faux Stone painting look so easy! Hi I have taken all your advice and created not one but 3 faux stone arches! photo […]

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Amazing Pictue of Faux Block And Faux Stone

Thanks for all the great information – I’m so glad I found your site! I began a small faux painting business about 6 years ago and worked it for about 3 years. I would say it was marginally successful as I was learning as I went along and was not well organized. I did all […]

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Painting Techniques Faux Block

Now you can use all that Faux Brick Painting Knowledge And Paint Faux Block! Faux Block? Is that something that is glued on the wall? What kind of texture stuff would be needed to paint a faux block wall? How in the world would you create a faux block wall out of a flat – […]

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Painted Patio Designs

Another happy camper! Sharyn purchased the faux brick video and turned an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan… by using faux brick to create a Painted Patio Designs. here is what she sent me: I am attaching two pictures. The first one is to let you know what I wanted to cover. You know, the […]

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How To Shadow Faux Painted Medieval Block Walls

Hello I have bought your video which is very helpful, but i need a little more advice. I have a block house already. The blocks measure 400x200mm and the grout is 10mm. I am having trouble making the block stand out with the shadowing I am trying to make my whole house look medieval, so […]

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