Brick Stencil Or Tape For New York Loft Faux Bricks

by THAT Painter Lady

Hi Debra,

I’ve watched your faux brick video twice – I love how you make the bricks look very real.

I am actually in the process of doing a huge wall of brick in my own home – studio – I want to make look like a retro-New York loft faux bricks or studio apartment.

I am going to take (before and after) pictures and will send them to you. I have a quick question, if you are doing a large wall, is there a way that you could set up taping, so you can actually mask off the bricks – to go a little quicker, or do you recommend doing the bricks one-by-one?

I will eventually be doing something like this for clients and would like to know the most effective way, yet have it look real. I would like to know your thoughts on this.

Thank you!! Lisa

Hi Lisa…

Please send pictures! I would love to see how it all turns out. Big Project!

I know we all are looking for shortcuts, especially when we are doing this type of faux brick project for clients. Time is money… 🙂

The reason I don’t use tape is that it creates to many faux bricks that all look the same. That said… I have a few suggestions.

Tape: If you are going to use tape over your drawn lines… I have used the blue tape and instead of using it with the straight edges of the tape I have torn the tape in half – the long way. This creates a nice jagged edge and each faux brick will have a different look. But… it takes so much time to tape off that I found the one brick at a time just as easy.

Another great idea is to use a brick stencil. One with a bunch of bricks already spaced out on the sheet. I have all my suggestions for this
technique on this site:

Brick Stencil

I hope this is helpful,

Hi Debra

Well, this faux brick project is finally done. This wasn’t for a client, but in my own home. It was a studio that we wanted to embark on a “New York City Loft Theme”. I have some before and after pictures I will send to you on the whole process. Please let me know your thoughts, for this was my first faux brickproject.

Thanks… Lisa

Painting Faux BrickPainting New York Style Faux BrickNew York Loft Style Faux Brick

Well… Lisa,

I love the project and your progress… but it just doesn’t look finished. You need to finish the highlighting and shadowing process of the faux brick tutorial before it will look like New York Loft Faux Bricks.

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