Breakaway Plaster With Faux Bricks Techniques

by THAT Painter Lady

Hi Debra

I haven’t put to use what I’ve read or seen yet, except drawing part of it on a wall (still have the other half of the wall to do after moving my desk)

I’m doing a faux technique on the other three walls in my bedroom first then I’ll do the closet wall.

I did to the breakaway plaster free hand though because I’m doing the faux brick in between the closet and wall corners. I have to say that just doing that there is depth. My boyfriend is very impressed. I may go back and put some faux bricks on the walls I’ve already treated, but I’m sort of trying to be practical about the placement of it. After all you don’t normally have brick walls all the way around. I’m thinking about doing some brick sections on the wall with the windows.

I will say I am excited though. I’m having carpet installed next Friday and I want to get most of the painting done before it’s installed.

Of all the faux brick techniques I’ve researched, yours was what I was looking for simply because each brick has it’s own personality. Oh, and they will start out as “ugly orange”.

Itook pics of brick where I work because they had an “orangish” color to them. I’m sort of trying to tie everything I’m doing into the bedspread which has pumpkin colors in it. Not the carpet though, it’s a chocolate brown (Fudge Delight, sounds yummy huh?).

I have to say that my boyfriend in England is quite impressed with what he’s seen so far and he would love for me to do his office. He’s gone from a “dark blue” person to warmer colors and even sent me the bedspread, which I love and is identical to his.

All I’ve ever known is plain white walls so all of this is a drastic change for me. Thank you for opening my eyes and touching my creative side again.

I’ll send pics when everything is completed.


Hey Kathy…

Thank you so much for the high praise! I am so glad that you are having great results…

do send pictures.


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