Breakaway Plaster Look On Wallpaper

by THAT Painter Lady


I have messed up pretty bad. lol

I have done my wall with wallpaper, tear and rip method, it looks like stone and plaster with some ivy on it. I left a blank spot to do the breakaway plaster look and it didn’t work just by painting. You can see the raised seams of the wallpaper around the spot. Do you have any suggestions on what I should do now? I didn’t really want to wallpaper the whole thing and I don’t have any plaster. I do have grout and mortar, could I use them? And when I go to do the cracks, it looks so fake.



Whoops Christine… you have created quite a challenge for me.  I would suggest using “joint compound” to fix this problem.. but since you only have grout and mortar – I’ve had to really think about this one.

I would choose grout over mortar because I think it has less texture (graininess).  Trowel on the grout over all the edges of the wall paper tear… and when it is dry seal it with a primer or polyurethane.

That should give you a nice “well” or depression to paint the faux brick breakout.  You will need to use the same shadow and highlight techniques I teach in the video and it all should work out fine.

Hope this is helpful… even if a tiny bit. 🙂

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