Got an email from a faux brick video client…
Hi Debra

I did paint bricks in our Tuscan kitchen.

I had already textured the walls by mixing paint with plaster some time ago, and slapping it on the wall every which way.

I don’t like the highlights in my bricks, they are too defined.

I can’t get that smooshing into the highlight line technique right yet.

We are our own worst critics, my husband actually did a double-take as he said he thought I’d added brick to the wall, and my friends love it as well.

I know I can do better, and will watch and read again before attempting another spot.

Hi …
I would love to see pictures of your Tuscan Brick Walls!
You know you did a great job if someone does a double take… :0)
Congratulations on taking the brave step to learn a new technique… those highlights do take a bit of pratice.
Tuscan Brick Wall BreakoutI think your highlights look great!  The bricks look like they are popping off the wall…
Great job
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